Dongbu Steel The World Best 
(Dongbu Steel now boastes the world's highest competitiveness in CR steel sheet products.)
Cold Rolled Steel
- Regular Cold Rolled

- Bright Finished


- Inner Shield
Galvanized Iron
- GI

- GA


Tin Plate
- TP

Pre-Engineered Building
Pre-coated Sheets
- Regular Polyester

- Silicon Polyester

- Anti-Pollution

- Hi-Poly
- ERW Pipe

- Spiral Pipe

- Steel Pipe Sheet Piles

- H-Beam
Dongbu Steel is leading green growth and responses to climate change through 
their pollutant reduction efforts.Dongbu Steel was selected as a "Green Company" in April 2010, 
soon after the Basic Act on Low Carbon Green Growth was enacted. 
The "Green Company" system was established after the 
eco-friendly company designation system was
Dongbu Steel is stepping up the quality of our employees 
lives further with diverse employee benefits.While discovering excellent talent and fostering them into top-notch human resources. 
Dongbu Steel is helping the development of individuals by using reasonable 
personnel systems and operating well-organized programs 
for corporate development and future growth.